Frequently Asked Questions

Boat ownership

You own shares entitling to the use of a specific identified boat from SB Owner’s Club Oy’s share series. The shareholders of the share series have decision-making power in matters concerning the boat in question. One shareholding corresponds to 1/10 of the share of the boat and entitles to use the boat for two weeks during the sailing season.

You can. However, it is good to remember that the main responsibility for using the boat from your ownership remains with you. The user is required to have good boating skills. Ask the friend or relative to complete the Saimaa Boating training before putting the boat into service.

Saimaa Boating Oy applies a system of rotating weeks. That means the operating weeks change. Each boat will be informed of a weekly listing of each boat, showing the rotation of the weeks for the next 10 years. Any changes will be announced separately. All documents concerning the membership and an up-to-date calendar can be found in the member area of the website.

You can rent it out through Saimaa Boating Oy or agree on an exchange of weeks with another Saimaa Boating boat shareholder. You can also hand over the boat to the user of your choice, in which case the main responsibility for the boat lies with the shareholder.

It is possible to sell SB Owner’s Club Oy’s boat shares as well as any shares. It is good for the buyer to be aware of the redemption section of the Articles of Association, which enables the right of pre-emption of other shareholders to the shares in question. purchase price.

You can sell your shares on the open market. You can also offer your shares to other shareholders in your boat. If you wish, Saimaa Boating Oy will make a redemption offer for your share.

The boat’s co-owners decide among themselves to exchange and sell the boat. You can also relinquish your share by selling the share or allowing Saimaa Boating Oy to redeem it in accordance with the redemption terms.

Saimaa Boating offers the opportunity for the immediate sale of a boat share 5 years from the date of the boat’s shares on the market and when the boat is covered by Saimaa Boating Oy’s service and maintenance agreement. Saimaa Boating will make a redemption offer upon request.

A boat share is an investment whose value depends on the value of the boat to which the share belongs. Determining the value of a boat for the future is no easier than for any other investment. In some cases, the monetary value of a newly purchased boat has not dropped at all in 10 years. However, business cycles vary and the value also depends on the condition of the boat. Saimaa Boating’s high-level maintenance keeps the boats in technically perfect condition.

The Saimaa Boating boat section is a share of SB Owner’s Club Oy. The normal share transaction tax practices apply to the purchase and sale of shares. No VAT is charged on the share transaction. The buyer pays only the transfer tax on the nominal value of the share.

Boat rental

Yes we rent out free weeks. You can see the prices and available weeks in real time on the online service Make a reservation request online or at a sales service. The reservation is confirmed by paying the rental fee.

The purpose of the new operating model is to enable shareholders to get the most affordable boating possible. Leasing unused weeks to outsiders allows shareholders to receive direct returns.

Boat charterers are subject to the same requirements as co-owners in terms of diligence, compliance with the rules of use and order, and boating skills. You must be able to demonstrate your boating skills or participate in the Saimaa Boating course.

Boat operation

Develop your skills by participating in Saimaa Boating’s hands-on boating training and learning boating skills from the Saimaa Boating boating guide. If necessary, we will guide you by the hand – you will certainly learn!

Yes, when a skipper masters basic skills, adheres to normal caution and care, and marked boating routes, boating is as safe as any movement in nature. SB boats are equipped with appropriate safety equipment.

The basics of navigation should be learned and repeated from the Saimaa Boating boating guide before going out. The chartplotter on each boat (Garmin 525), an electronic nautical chart that guides a safe route to your destination, can be used as an aid to navigation. In the event of a technical disturbance, navigation should also be controlled using the water chart and compass included in the boat’s equipment, as well as sensory.

For damage situations, each boat has clear operating instructions. The priority is to ensure the safety of all, to alert when necessary and to prevent further damage. Saimaa Boating boats have boat insurance.

Boat permissions

If the previous co-owner is in an accident, we will primarily try to arrange a replacement boat to replace it. If, for example, during the high season it is impossible for some reason, we offer an exchange week or an alternative cottage holiday in Saimaa. Entitlement to compensation depends on the reason for the impediment. Damage caused by negligence is primarily the responsibility of the perpetrator. By taking care of safety, good boating skills, monitoring the use of boats and good maintenance, Saimaa Boating Oy minimizes disruptions.

You can rent your partly owned boat only through Saimaa Boating Oy. Renting a boat privately is not allowed.